Stevens CX Team Carbon Cyclocross Frame

Stevens CX Team Carbon Cyclocross Frame

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45.00 lbs
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English Threaded
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Product Description

Blessed with a low bottom bracket height and impeccable carbon construction, the 2011 Stevens CX Carbon Team Frameset is just the ticket for what ever the cross season throws at you. The 2011 Stevens CX Carbon team has gobs of mud clearance, and a shortish wheelbase that will help propel you to the podium.

Stevens has equipped the CX Carbon Team Frameset with one of the stiffest, best tracking forks available. Also included is Stevens very own fork mounted front brake brake cable stop. You will not have squealing, chattering front brakes on this bike. Just pure stopping power and control! Niels Albert, Katie Compton and Marriane Vos have all ridden a Stevens CX Carbon Team Frameset to a World Championship. Imagine what it can do for your ride.

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    FSA uses shot peened aluminum, so it’s not only strong, but also has a neat matte finish with a little bit of texture to it. The reach and drop on the FSA Wing Pro Compact Handlebar are a little shorter than normal, so you don’t get stretched out too far and can get into the drops without getting too low.

    The Wing Pro Compact’s bend is designed to work well with the new lever shapes from Campagnolo and Shimano (you SRAM guys and gals are set regardless of the bend thanks to your nifty reach adjusters). On the top of the bar, the Wing Pro Compact uses FSA’s aero-ergo shape, sort of a teardrop or airplane wing shape, but not quite.

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    • 352 grams
    • Double butted and tapered AL7050, carbon wrapped
    • 120mm wide center round section makes it easy to mount accessories
    • 31.8mm clamp diameter
    • 125mm drop, 80mm reach
    • 4° outward bend
    • 3K carbon weave
  • Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheelset

    The Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheelset  take features so far reserved for Mavic's top of the line models.  This pair of Ksyrium Elite wheels gets a lighter profile at the rim with ISM, Inter Spoke Milling shaving off extra material between the spokes. These rims are made with Mavic's exclusive Maxtal alloy then Mavic uses a patented Fore drilling process which only penetrates one rim wall giving the rim greater resistance to stress fatigue and no need for rim strips.  The rims are SUP welded and machined smooth at the rim joint. The braking surface is UB Control milled, meaning you get greater braking friction that also eliminates shudder.

    Both hubs are aluminum bodies with QRM+ double sealed bearings. The rear hub has FTS-L reinforcement, stainless steel inserts at the contact area between the pawl and the hub body this helps with your power transfer and gives greater durability.  The Ksyrium Elites uses stainless steel bladed spokes which perhaps are not as light as can be but they are strong, durable and will cut the wind with ease. 

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    • 1560 g
    • ISM Maxtal Rims
    • SUP Welded Rim Joint
    • US Contro Milled Brake Surface
    • QRM+ Bearings
    • Fore Rim Drilling
    • Isopulse Lacing on the Rear
  • fi'zi:k Arione Saddle

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    In addition to the flat shape and the longer nose, fi'zi:k also added Wingflex, essentially flexible tabs right where the saddle flares out for the part where your butt goes on the shell of the saddle.  This makes it so you can scoot back to really mash the pedals without getting any uncomfortable chafing or pressure points. The fi'zi:k Arione saddle is made for what fi'zi:k calls Snakes, people who move about their saddle as they ride in different situations.


    • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
    • Rail: K:ium
    • Thigh Glides: Black Microtex
    • Weight: 225 gr
    • Dimensions: 300 x 132 mm
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    Fitted with pads that are most effective when set up very close to the rims—engaging with lightning speed upon squeezing the lever—the 84mm arms allow for a bit more space between the pads and rims which engage the pad on the rim a little bit later in the throw, perfect for those seeking the feeling.

    The CX9 Mini LP Brake Front & Rear Set is sold as a complete bike set that includes all mounting hardware and forged from stainless steel hardware, you know it will not only be durable but last and ride as you bought it on day one.


    • 149g
    • Forged and CNC machined TT6 brake arm
    • Titanium hardware
    • Includes alloy pad holders
    • Best paired with 2.5 ratio levers, such as new Shimano road levers

  • Hutchinson Piranha 700x32 Cyclocross Tire

    The Hutchinson Piranha is an ultra-lightweight performance tire with lateral side knobs for optimal grip in turns and a semi-slick center tread.


    • Ultralight tire for dry rolling terrain; semi-slick center tread with side knobs for grip
    • Longitudinal rubber reinforcements to avoid pinch flats
    • Ultra-efficient 127 tpi casing

    Intended Use: CX
    Defined Color: Black
    Color Tread/Side: Black
    Tire Type: Clincher
    Tire Diameter: 700c
    Labeled Width: 700
    ISO Width: 32 mm
    ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29"
    Tire Bead: Folding
    PSI: 43 - 85 PSI
    Weight: 318.0 g


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    These Mavic Carbon Brake Pads were developed for Mavic by Swisstop to be used exclusively with carbon rims. They are made of a mixture of cork and rubber to limit heat build up. They are compatible with Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo brakes.  So when you move up to carbon rims don’t forget to upgrade your brake pads, cause you’re gonna have to stop sometime, no matter how much fun you’re having, no matter the weather.



    • Optimum Braking In All Conditions
    • 33 grams
    • Includes 2-Pairs
    • Designed to fit Shimano/Sram/ Campagnolo brakes
    • Not for use with alloy rims
  • Mavic Universal Wheel Magnet

    The Mavic Universal Wheel Magnet is able to be mounted on any kind of round, foiled or flat spokes up to 5mm wide, road or MTB wheels, 



    • 4.8g
    • Compatible with any brand of cycling computer
    • Fits any kind of round, foiled or flat spokes up to 5mm wide

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